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Lord Elmo

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H2 Anniversary Silenced SMG

It's definitely up there in the list of "Technically Challenging" Props I've made so far.
Modeled and fully printed by myself.
  • A light up and removeable "red dot" sight.
  • Picatinny Rail
  • A laser pointer.
  • Trigger with a spring.
  • Foldable stock and grip
  • Magnetized clip
  • Removeable Silencer
  • Can be fully disassembled in small pieces since everything is holding together with screws and pins

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Oh man that looks dope!! Just love the light up red dot sight.


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First big prop is finally done! Total time to completion was just short of one year. Original model was kindly done by misterchiefcostuming on thingiverse. Curved bits were smoothed over with modeling foam and the ammunition ejector was done custom by me in Google sketchup (it's okay to laugh at that)

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