halloween party pictures!

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Thats no crappy armor! better pep than i would ever do.Nice job !!!! :p How did you do the cortona that was somthing ive never seen.
nice, but from the looks of it, you didn't detail, did you? I guess that's fine since by now there is no time left, but after halloween and such, you should definatly go back and add details to that thing, sand it down a bit, and you will get some truely amazing armor, hehe, I remember my anime clubs halloween party, all the lovely ladies :p'

And nice Cortana btw, IDK but it looks like partial body paint?
The cortana girl is my ladyfriend. We found her a vinyl jumpsuit at a fetish store and the rest is just spraypaint and stencils. The face paint is a theatrical face powder we found at Ricky's on our trip to NYC
Nice, lol, I can just imagine what it would be like going into a pr0n/fetish shop asking for a jumpsuit on the basis that you need it to make a halo costume

Anyways, for your visor, did you use a single, or double visor?
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