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These are just some pictures that I found of the halo 1 and 2 pistols that I had some questions about. So maybe all of you amazing armor makers could answer them.

* How would you obtain plans that you could use, to make them look perfectly like the real thing?

* What do you suppose they are made of?

* What would you use to make them?






Well there's lots of materials you could use; cardboard, plastic, fiberglass, etc. You can get them at home depo, lows, and pretty much any hardware store. You have to have some really good crafting skills to make it look perfect like in the game, or use pepakura. But, i dont know if there is pepakura for weapons. If not, just use lots of referance pics and try your best. Oh, and resin plastic works too.
Those are Links guns, they're cast resin. You should ask him if you have any questions about them.

I bought one of his castings of the H2 pistol and did some custom work on it, and I love it!
who cares if its a tad smaller than in the game, its frickin sweet. :hyper:

I don't think you can get any closer to the real thing with out it being the real thing.

Hey Link, how did you obtain these plans to make them? :mrgreen:
No offense but they look blocky :eek:. It almost looks like it was printed from a 5 axis printer becuase it appears to have "Poly Errors".

Did you print it link?

Sheesh... enough pistol bashing. I know you don't mean any offense, but really...This is the best Halo pistol that ANYONE has made.... show some respect.

These images look like they were taken right after being prototyped, before being sanded and refined so the poly errors and 'wood' texture are remnants of that process that were removed in the final finishing. I know that the rough cast of this gun I recieved was smooth and 99% accurate to H2 right out of the box. I did minor retooling and bubble filling for my own peace of mind.

oh no sean, I wasnt sayin it was bad and i definately agree these are AWSOME. I was just wondering if he use wood or something to mold it.

I was actualy ganna ask- so I will right now:

ya I would also like to know how much they are, because if they were a reasonable price, I would buy one in a heart beat.
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