Halo 1 Pistol

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So I was bored at work. I spied a few chunks of foam lying on my table. I saw a hot glue gun. Bingo!

So heres after 10 minutes of work. If it is liked enough here, Ill go ahead and find a way to seal it and then fiber glass it and then use some clay to add more detail. But for the amount of time I've spent on this, I think its pretty neat.




As leadingspartan said, it could use some shaping, but as a rough start it's very good. Also, from the appearance of the foam, you may want to bondo the outside before painting to get it smoother, if you're taking this prop that far.
Well, like I said, this was a quick 10 minutes worth, and I cant spend very much time on it at work, even though theres not much to do. I dont want to get in trouble :p But yes, I think I will be spending a more time on it at home. Im researching something I can seal the foam with, and then Ill use my clay that I have to put in the final shapes and details. Then Ill make a mold of it, then cast copys.
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