Halo 1 White Master Chief Wip

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S1l3nt V1p3r

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Link is broken, or Photobucket is down!

waht do you mean? It's just to show you guys what stage it's in. I'll be updating whenevr i can and will post the finished model here. I think it's almost done.
yeah. This is liek a model of myself in Halo PC. I am white. ALso, 'm thinking of adding soem form of articulation to it. Any ideas?


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RadioactiV777 said:
Oh, your making like a model MODEL, not a suit. Well its coming out great.

actually, im the one making the model, not hellbringer.... anyway, as of now the model looks like this:


and it shouls look like this when finished (like the one standing in the back except that instead of a shotgun, itll be holding the MA5B ICWS Assault Rifle):

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Guys, just so noone yells at me, I never said i was making teh model, I just said i was posting it her for you guys. Note that i said that IT had to be testbuilt, not that I was testbuilding it.
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