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Hi, first off WOOT FIRST POST.... yay

Ok, back to business, i'm working on modding a air soft g36c so that it will be close in shape to the battle rifle. I've removed the top railing and will probably fill in the ammo cartridge section with foam or something that will add a little wait. I'm not sure what the best way to create the rest of it would be though. I've never done a project like this so i am truly a newbie. Anyways, would layers of cardboard and ducktape work well? I mean I don't have the budget or time for a plastic model. I'd like to get it done by Halloween. Of course I could leave in the magazine so it could actually be used....
Also, I could grab a cheap scope from a gun show that operates every month or so nearby. If I had to I could just not have it at all too or if I was really desperate I could pull it off with half a pair of binoculars. Anyways, yah. Advice?
right there with ya on the nub part.

you could check out some of the other br posts on here. these guys have some good stuff (especially link. hes made a badass MA5C)

you could always make a wooden shell and place the internals from the gun inside (although that will take quite a bit of work.

if i think of anything else i'll get back to ya.

Good luck with it though.
I think the biggest problem you are going to encounter is the magazine. The BR is of 'bullpup' design, meaning its magazine is inserted behind the handle - inside the stock. The G36 is not of bullpup design, and indeed has no solid stock.
There are two ways airsoft triggers work, and although its quite possible that all airsoft guns of that scale have the latter of the two options, i have never actually examined one to see. The first way is mechanical. The action of you pulling the trigger results in a series of levers moving that releases a spring which propels the BB. If the action is springloaded and the gun does not require a battery, this seems the more likely of the two. If the gun does require a battery, it is quite possible that it is of the latter type, the electric trigger. Your pulling of an electric trigger will activate a circuit which will remotely mechanically operate the firing mechanism.
If it is of the second design, it may be a simple (relatively) of relocating the trigger with adjacent circuitry to in front of the breach. If the trigger is of mechanical operation, however, this will be virtually impossible, without rigging up an intricate system of levers to release the spring from a more remote location.
If the trigger is of mechanical design, cardboard and ducktape will not work - they will bend under pressure and the levers will therefore not work. If the trigger is electrical, it may be easier, but the circuitry may be crushed or simply misplaced by accidents with the gun.
Wood could work, but it would take a very long time. Plastic is the only truly reliable solution.
It just occured to me, rereading your post, that you may not want it to work again - in which case its 100% simpler not to bother with the airsoft and just make one out of wood and tubing.
Its probably preferable to go without a scope that rip apart a pair of binoculars - it could always be tank crew issue, which are generally w/o scope, and binoculars will look like binoculars. I know there is a small red dot sight on the market that looks a lot like the BR sight.
I must warn you, my advice is all theory - I have no experience in airsoft other than what i have read while trying to help and following these facts to their logical conclusion.
I hope this helps slightly, though reading other threads is a fine idea, as is starting with a rifle already in bullpup design for your first airsoft mod, i would recommend FA-MAS or Steyr Aug, although i would lean towards famas...
I'm not worried about throwing in the magazine. I left it out of the pic because I knew of the differences. I could care less about actually using it in a match or even firing it for that matter. I'm just trying to see if a decent one can be made.
Here are some really badly done pics of what I hope it will look like....really bad. Just the idea.
I'm doing a similar thing, but starting w/ the JLS FN2000. The bullpup design of the F2000 are almost like the BR, so I'll only be modding the front.
Yeah I'd use the FN 2000 too. (I'm metallica on ASR btw) and I've seen his ideas of using the 2000, t makes sense. If I were you I'd get one of those el cheapo spring FAMASes and mod that. The G36c wont work at all (looks like an LPEG anyways...ewww).

Well, good luck w/ it at any rate
hmmm.... maybe I could do it with styrofoam. The only confusing part is keeping it in place. I could use superglue and then sand down the edges until they match. Then add a fiberglass coat after adding the details and repaint the entire thing in gray.

Oh yah and my pics are pretty bad but also I didn't scale certain parts correctly. Sorry bout that.
Well, i've managed to procure a little styro foam and cardboard for free. Before I start actually carving/cutting out pieces though I want to ask some questions.

First, can I fiberglass styro foam without it being eaten away? Should I use something else?

Also, can sytrofoam be easily sanded down? I know that this is kind of a dumb question but I'm not much of an arts/crafts person.

Just asking for some advice.
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