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    Oh hey there everybody...long time no see? Once we finished The Answer we decided to tackle something a bit more...manageable. A kind of light weight, "I need a break from all my power weapons" kind of gun. Enter the Halo 2 Anniversary BR55.

    So first things first. We pulled the game asset file from the Armory and started work.
    Right Side.PNG
    The first issue was slicing. This bad boy wasnt really meant to be 3D printed and it showed. We attempted to do some complex cuts along the body of the weapon.
    BR55 Split Proposal.PNG
    But this seemed overly complex. So we hopped into NetFabb and cut it up a bit easier.
    Fun fact the whole thing fit on the print bed in its first iteration, wasnt sure we had the guts to try it though.
    BR55 Print.PNG
    Before printing we went in by hand and smoothed out the foregrip and pistol grip. Idea being that they could be more easily coated with something a bit more grippy in the future to add texture. Otherwise we sent it through a light blender smooth and got to printing. Here are a few of the parts and how they came together.
    28827557_465692960553864_831057799734700975_o.jpg 28954256_467173453739148_1615489454648287918_o.jpg
    One thing interesting to see is the infill. We had a failed print to help demonstrate it. 5% infill all around and here what it looks like. It really keeps down weight and is still pretty structurally sound. This whole thing weighs about 900g.
    Here is the first BR55 all complete.
    However, we are not done just yet. The idea here is to sell these. As a result we want to make them as easy to assemble as possible for customers. So we went back into MeshMixer and redid our slice. Attaching the barrel to the main body for instance. Additionally, we added registration pin to the model for all parts but the grips since those had natural fitment based on the cuts. Resulting in the final models below.
    Original BR with pin style scope added....shiny
    Here are the first few parts printed in the new style.
    the pins make a world of difference when assembling.
    Here is where we stand as of tonight. Full assembly on the pin less prototype will begin this weekend. Cant let a good model go to waste.
    Now back to work.
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    Ooooooooh. Looks pretty. I am always impressed by those 3d print gurus here on the 405th. :eek:

    I have been looking around to get one myself. But first i need a new pc :cool: then i can also get to some serious models to print:D
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    It can be a learning curve, but learning is part of the fun. And making things from game assets is just too cool :).
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    First customer one is complete. Man these pins really hold it together and make assembly a breeze.
    Here is the one I'll be finishing below the customer one. The pinless prototype, last weapon I'll be making this way. Just gotta do some sanding on the grip sections then Ill put those in place and start the glorious finishing process.
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    Are you selling these or releasing the files to make this?
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    Well that took me forever to respond. Sorry about that. But yes we do sell these as kits. In fact they just got a significant upgrade. Spent some time over the weekend adding to the 3d model and reslicing it. So now it has some embossing for lettering, the triangles, and is split into only 4 pieces with stronger pins.
    asdfsdf.PNG New Slice.PNG upgrade.....PNG
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    Curious, how much are you asking?
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    We go $200 for the kit. That covers print time and material cost. More information can be found on our page Alpha to Zeta Industries.
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