Halo 2 Anniversary Elite V2


405th Regiment Officer
Im updating my Halo 2 Anniversary Elite!
I wasnt really happy with my original chest harness and helmet. They weren't as screen accurate as i wanted.

So far i have the new chest harness and helmet complete. They're a little screen accurate, minus a few small details. But im really happy with them!

They're made from EVA foam from Harbor Freight, i used my custom templates. All glued together with Weldwood Contact Cement. Seams were sealed with Kwikseal. Foam was heat sealed with a heat gun and then about 4 layers of Rustoleum Leak Seal were applied.

These armor pieces, along with the rest of the suit will be molded with Rebound 25 Silicone from Smooth-On and then new pieces will be casted with Smoothcast 65D impact resistant resin