Halo 2 Anniversary Magnum, Campaign version

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  1. Huxster2000

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    Hello chaps,

    Thought I'd share some progress on a to-be 3D printed build I've been working on for the last couple of weeks. Now I was originally going to attempt making the magnum from H2A multiplayer as I love the design and I feel out of the two models it is the truest to the original. I made the following template by stitching various screenshots from theatre-mode together with concept art to fix the persepective:
    final template.png
    Now my intention was to use the template as a canvas for 3D modelling the piece, but upon starting the modelling of the handle I remembered that my modelling prowess is still that of a total amateur and I'm scared of curved objects. So I shelved this idea and moved on to the campaign magnum.


    It looks a bit more detailed in places but the overall shape of this gun made it easier for me to model using basic extrudes, cuts, fillets and chamfers. I made another template using screenshots from the campaign (that was a hastle), concept art and an STL file of the halo 4 magnum as it share some design features. I then got modelling.

    blank vector.png
    ScreenHunter 132.jpg ScreenHunter 133.jpg

    I don't intend to make this a working replica, and I also want to produce castings so the slide and magazine are held in their positions using magnets purely for display/cosplay purposes. There are also a few inaccuracies in the model once again due to lack of skill but this should be easily remedied with a file and some sandpaper once it's printed.

    With everything modelled I sent all the files over to 3D Print Direct for printing as I am a scrub and don't own a 3D printer myself. Different sized pieces print and different speeds so I've recieved all the small intricate pieces ahead of some of the larger sections.

    I'll start sanding and priming these and report back when the nect batch of pieces arrive!

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  2. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Very nice models (y)
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  3. Huxster2000

    Huxster2000 New Member

    Many thanks! They took a while!
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  4. Huxster2000

    Huxster2000 New Member

    An update!

    I've made a fair bit of progress since my last post and I now have all the pieces of the gun printed and part way through the sanding/priming stage. The magazine has already been moulded and cast to test some mould making techniques:
    IMG_5190.JPG IMG_5189.JPG IMG_5191.JPG IMG_5192.JPG IMG_5193.JPG IMG_5194.JPG IMG_5195.JPG IMG_5196.JPG IMG_5212.JPG IMG_5214.JPG IMG_5217.JPG IMG_5219.JPG
    Here are the parts for the main body of the gun. The lower half is printed in some sort of graphite reinforced nylon and the top slide is SLA (I think):

    IMG_5222.JPG IMG_5229.JPG FullSizeRender.jpg

    Here's some of the detail on the top silde:

    IMG_5226.JPG IMG_5225.JPG

    I'm hoping to get the main body of the gun ready for moulding at some point next week.
  5. Huxster2000

    Huxster2000 New Member

    Update time!

    I wanted to make the top of the handle look like it was wrapping round the section it connects to. I did this by taping up the section and using it as a mould by pressing it against the handle which had filler applied on either side:

    I also had to create this little detail on the rear of the gun. This was done with 1mm plasticard:

    IMG_5237.JPG IMG_5236.JPG IMG_5239.JPG IMG_5252.JPG

    Once all the pieces of the main body of the gun had been glued together I just had to fill the join between the handle and the finger guard:


    And last but not least, some pictures of the current state of the piece:

    IMG_5254.JPG IMG_5255.JPG IMG_5256.JPG IMG_5257.JPG IMG_5258.JPG IMG_5262.JPG

    I hoping the start production of the mould of the main body of the gun this weekend. The top slide still has a few details missing but should come together fairly quickly.
  6. mkshane81


    This is an absolutely amazing project, outstanding work!

  7. Huxster2000

    Huxster2000 New Member

    Thank you so much! Unfortunately I'm going back to uni this weekend so I may have to put it on hold for a while.
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  8. zigzwag

    zigzwag New Member

    I always like looking at peoples 3D printed things, it makes me want a printer myself more and more.
  9. Huxster2000

    Huxster2000 New Member

    Funny you say that, I don't actually own a printer myself. I use 3D Print Direct. You just upload your file to their website, choose a material and they send you the parts in the post!
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  10. Huxster2000

    Huxster2000 New Member

    1,2 skip a few, 99 a gun!

    It took a while thanks to university work getting in the way but the M6C is finally finished. This is a completely resin relpication of the original 3d printed gun. Below are a few pics of how I got to this point, moulding, casting and painting:
    IMG_5278.JPG IMG_5294.JPG IMG_5646.JPG IMG_5668.JPG

    And a few snaps of the final piece:
    IMG_5683.JPG IMG_5684.JPG IMG_5686.JPG IMG_5687.JPG IMG_5693.JPG IMG_5698.JPG
    The gun has magnets hidden away to keep all the sections locked together.
    Gotta say, I'm kinda glad it's finished!
  11. Huxster2000

    Huxster2000 New Member

    I'd just like to clarify that this is painted more akin to its appearance in Halo Wars 2, mainly due to caution on my part but I also think this paint scheme highlights some of the detail better than its all black counterpart.
    ScreenHunter 106.jpg

    I love the design of this variation of the magnum, it feels a bit more 'real world-y' than some of the other models we've had (in my opinion at least).
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  12. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Awesome piece looks like the real deal!
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  13. mkshane81


    Oh wow! The finished result is awesome!

  14. mblackwell1002


    Puuuurrttttyyy...That looks amazing!
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  15. Huxster2000

    Huxster2000 New Member

    Thanks so much chaps!

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