Halo 2: Anniversary - ODST build

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  1. Sierra 107

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    So, while I was working on my custom Mark IV, I had a realisation that the 405th does not actually posess any up to date files of the Halo 2 ODSTs. Luckily, with the help of the Master Chief Collection - I enlisted the help of AbiSV (whose files I was using for the custom Mark IV) and commissioned the ODST project. Without further introduction, here it is (in finished form!)


    As it's mostly in different pieces at this time, I will be converting the chest and shinguard pieces to be compatible with foam building, and the shoulders/helmet will be compatible for 3D printing - they're simply too high quality for pep to handle unfortunately. Once unfolded, I will then build this thing in time for Sydney Supanova 2018 where I will be forming a full squad of ODSTs with my Australian Regiment members!

    Progress will be posted as I go - and the files will be released once unfolds are complete. Stay tuned! :)
  2. TurboCharizard

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    Guess I know when I have to have my Spartan finished so I can start working on something even more rad.
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  3. ODST Langford

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    Cant wait to see this! Iv been wanting to do a Halo 2 Aniversery ODST for a while!
  4. Callianis

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    I was quite interested to see this version/upgrade of the H2 ODST :) Though with my lack of underlay making/sewing skills I'll be tackling a Reach or Halo 3 era ODST. Won't be done in time for Sydnova though :)
  5. PerniciousDuke

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    Woah! It's so different than other ODSTs. Can't wait to see one built!
  6. MasterChef28

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    I can't wait until the file for the helmet gets made. I really want to 3d print one
  7. ODST Langford

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    is there any updates on the project?
  8. jsg6

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    Whats the status on this project? Looking to make a set to get myself back in the ring.
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  9. reverseflash

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    man I wish there was a foam file for the helmet. I have a plan to use the anniversary marine armor (provided there are files) and slap an odst chest plate and odst sniper pauldron on it plus a halo 2 odst helmet. Make some amalgam emergency uniform type deal

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