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Halo 2 Anniversary - UNSC Marine

Halo 2 Anniversary - UNSC Marine 1.0

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Halo 2 Anniversary - UNSC Marine - UNSC Marine armor from Halo 2 Anniversary

This is a comprehensive zip file including numerous files from multiple artists.

Contents of zip-file:

Game Assets (Assets made available by Pidgeon. Also thanks to Shockfire, Camden and Dany5639 who worked on the Halo Online TagTool)

  • halo-2-anniversary-unsc-marine-armor-1-bump-texture.dds
  • halo-2-anniversary-unsc-marine-armor-1-texture.dds
  • halo-2-anniversary-unsc-marine-armor-2-bump-texture.dds...

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dude where are the helmets? i mean we can't send these guys in looking like this: it'll be an instant massacre!
dude where are the helmets? i mean we can't send these guys in looking like this: it'll be an instant massacre!

The H2A Marine asset came from Halo Online, but wasn't using the Halo 2 Anniversary marine helmet - instead, it was using a Halo 3/Reach derivative, which is already available in the armory.

I have access to a H2A Marine helmet which was modelled by AbiSV, commissioned by Valkyries733. When I have the time, I will attempt to unfold the LP variant for costuming usage. Image of it is below.

The Marine files are 3D assets, as is the helmet - but the helmet file is private, and can only be converted to Pepakura only with permission.

I'd suggest not using files from the armory for 3D purposes (IE Blender, SFM, etc) - there are many ports and assets out there that are much higher quality, and reduces the issue of getting flamed for it!
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