Halo 2 Master Chief Helmet, The most accurate out there

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holy crap. nice find!!!!!!!1


I'd be DAMN proud of that helmet.

The only thing I can see to improve on it would be that there's a whole lot of 90 degree angles cut into that thing where there's actually tapered edges drawn onto the ingame model. As a result, some of the grooves are sized oddly to my eye, but then again, I study the in-game helmet all the time.

Other than that, it's well proportioned, and the differences between it, and the in-game model have been pretty minimized. If you overlay the game helmet with it, you'll spot the differences, but as a costume, with no direct comparisons to the real thing, I'd say it's perfect.

Easily the best one I have ever seen.
That will help me get a good look at how to start with the clay sculpture, fantastic helmet, best looking.
If you go to page 3 on that forums page, he has another post, the helmet in the making process, and he also says what materials he used.
who do you gotta sleep with to get the admin on that forum to activate my account?
inspires me to give up, because i know i never will achieve that level.
Just cause you think you won't get to that level doesn't mean give up, just because someone can do it better doesn't mean anything. They might be extremely good at art, everyone has skills, he obviously has an artistic skill, don't let one thing ruin your dreams, I have already done that, and I regret it everyday.
Here's the automatic difference between his helmet and yours:

Yours is yours. Yours can be placed on your head, and your shelf, and your website, and folks will ask, "wow.. where did you get that?" and you'll say.. "I made it myself."

9-out-of-10 will say "wow.. can you make ME one", or "How much do you want for it?". not.. "yeah, but it sucks 'cuz I saw this OTHER helmet online.."

Every other difference is just an Artistic Interpretation, which is to say, different. Better? worse? nope.. just different.

Better/worse are subjective opinions... "eye of the beholder" and all that.

He essentially copied what he was able to find, using computers, 3d modelling systems and stuff. That's less of art and more of just straight manufacturing. His version also completely ignores a lot of bevels and stuff for some reason.

I'd call his helmet a great starting point, and if ya'll wanted, I could start highlighting areas that are different from the game helmet so you don't do the same thing. His helmet is very useful in giving everyone a sense of what's going on with the game helmet, and excellently made, but it's not perfect.

It's great, but by using it for basic reference we should be able to turn it up a notch.
I'd love to see that helmet, weathered with the crackleture that briar does.
Is there an easier way to make a helmet? The only other ways I can think of are using a motorcycle hemet or vacuforming, although I wouldn't be able to make the mold.
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