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Hey i was wondering if this has happen to any one else and what it is. Sorry we dont have a H2 section.

Me and my buddy mike are playing Team Training right now and we start to hall ass in a game and with no betrayals and no lag we are kicked, any one know why?
that happens a lot to me on halo 2. I start kicking some serious but, and it says "you were kicked" and there were no betrayals and things. It sucks.
My suspicion when this has happened to me is that the host
got pissed and booted you from the game like a sore loser.

I hate that. :slap:
yeah i know what ur talkn about. ame thing happens to me. time of day also plays a factor in how the game goes. any time before midnight all the nubes are on and act gay like kicking people cause their to good. the best time to play (as far as i have experienced) is from 1 to about 5 in the morning cause all the older people have gotten off of work and come home and get on Live. so play people who know what their doing, not gayass nubes. youll have a lot more fun
I know from BF2 if you are on a clan server.. And it is a full server, they can boot ppl to make room for their own....

Had happened many a time to me.. tho when there are high points involved, it may be because they don't like you anymore... lol
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