Halo 3 All-Nighter

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IceAgonaKilya reporting in on our Halo-Allnighter. taking place on Sept. 29th we staged our all-nighter at The GameCove. Taking over every screen in the place from 6pm-6am we totalled out at 28 players an one very large group of Halo fans. Game-fuel kept us going for most the night and pizza held us over for the rest but in total we had 4 teams of guys beat Legendary that night (myself included). And several all out multiplayer matches. The coolest thing was that MadNonnie.com let us use their 50ft movie screen out front of the store to play on. We are planning on doing the whole thing again this month with Halo 3 and GH3. I don't think there was an open seat in the house even the cash register had a screen to play Halo 3.The really cool thing was that people pulled cars up in the parking lot just to watch the game (sorta like a drive in movie.)

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the samsung screens in the 5th and 7th pictures are the same exact models i own. i currently have one in each bedroom, and i plan on buying 4 more when i finish sheetrocking my gameroom (katrina flooded my house, its still being rebuilt)
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