Halo 3 Alpha being played online at bungie


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If you visit live.xbox.com, you can see what the people on your Friends List are doing, if they're online. There were some odd entries this morning, from a couple of Bungie employees... now I'm nearly 100% certain that nobody's actually putting time into building a Pimps at Sea game, fun as it might be - so what could these guys REALLY be playing? Hmm. Well, I know what game Bungie's been focusing on pretty intently for the past year... and I know that a PUBLIC beta of that game will be coming in the next few months. So is it feasible that a PRIVATE one is happening now?
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Hmm id laugh if pimps at a sea was a real game but it seems like a good cover up to call it something else while they work out the bugs etc


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It'd be funny if we all got our game discs, popped them in and it showed a cheesy "Pimps at sea" intro before it did the Halo 3 thing.