Halo 3 armor changes

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What's with the armor alterations? Halo 3 in my opinion shouldn't even be called halo 3 but halo 2 part 2. Halo 2 didn't really have an ending and so there really shouldn't be any time elapse between halo 2 and halo 3 so why modify armor designs? I'll forgive the spartan armor upgrade but the marine armor upgrade why? Just because it's a new game doesn't mean everything has to be re-designed in fact most things haven't been such as the vehicles, most of the weaponry and the covenant characters. The models have gotten face lifts with better graphics and I'm cool with that I just don't like the design changes. The real reason I don't like the changes is because I've been sculpting this armor for 12 figures for ever and now it's all obsolete hehehe but I really don't see the real need for it either. Throw in new stuff, new weapons, new vehicles and new baddies but don't re-design especially when the existing designs kick so much ass.
Well, I'm sure that Bungie is under alot of pressure to update the visual impact of the game for the 360. I'm sure they just wanted to cram a few more details in there. If it's same old Chief, but the environments just looked better then it wouldn't pack the visual punch that everyone expects of Next Gen titles.

It's not a huge difference like between H1 and H2 so count your blessings. Just means making a few little alterations.

And hey, I don't think anybody would mind your custom armor being "Halo 2 MasterChief'... It depends how well Halo 3 goes over. Only time will tell.
well I expected to see a jump in quality of graphics but you can do that with out a re-design. For example look at the vehicles in halo 1 and then compare them to the versions in halo 2. Same designs just better graphics and maybe a couple more details add here and there.
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