Halo 3 Beta Date


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Hey, if this thread is already up, just lock mine down then, but Microsoft in the Netherlands says that the Halo 3 Beta will start on April 1st! Which is great, unless its some sick joke, which will make many people angry and crazy! I know it would to me, I've been very patient, but when I read about the map High Ground, that patience is beginning to disappear XD just wanted people to know.


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Adam said:
April fools joke. Guaranteed. Who knows when the Beta will start.
They did say sometime in the Spring, and it is officially Spring now, just gotta wait. And I agree with you, cause Bungie would have said something about it, and they haven't yet.
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Sean Bradley

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I am hearing the rumblings of many rumors that it may start soon.

But it's unlikely that they'd start it without an announcement.