Halo 3 Campaign Publicly Unveiled TONIGHT.

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Yeah, I seen that.. I tried to RSVP for it but it seems that it already may be filled.. I didn't get no email or anything back from bungie.. I could wait outside the Pacific Science Center and catch the people that go, but I rather go and play my BIOSHOCK.. I'm hoping there is a last minute email later on today, all signs say's NO at this point :cry1:
I just noticed something on the website:

"To RSVP for this event click here: hnation@microsoft.com
You may RSVP for yourself + guests, we will receive your RSVP notice, but we will not be responding to them individually."

Hmm, I might have to check it out after all.. Decisions!!
Yeah, What do I got to lose right? haha I think I'll be heading down there tonight.. Too bad, I won't be able to bring a camera.. :shifty ninja:
just show up and if ya have to put on a hurtin on the ticket dood and tell them you are here for mjolnirarmor.com and sneak yo camera in there to show us what you see
That would be awesome.. Too bad my suit is no where ready for this event.. I would have loved to represent this website too.. I'm sure bungie is going to be tight with the camera's, I wouldn't be surprised being searched and them using night vision to catch the people taking video or photos..
If you have just a helmet and a dress suit.....

"Roll out the Red Carpet, it's Master Chief!"

But then you might not be able to enjoy the visuals as well....
Actually my helmet is on it's way from UPS *Thanks Sean*.. ;-) It's not going to make tonight though, that would have been a good idea hahah Red Carpet master cheif LOL
pshh you can rep us by getting a sharpie and doodle Mjolnirarmor.com on a shirt and tell them we are legit and yes we roll like that and if he questions that pop him in the mouf *BAM*
Not open for further replies.