Halo 3 Check list

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Things i will do/have done to ensure that September 25th is the greatest day of my life.

1. Reserved Halo 3 Legendary Edition
2. Took off from work
3. Photoshoped doctors excuse 25th-28th
4. Domino's Pizza on speed dial
5. Change voice mail and facebook status to "Unavalible"
6. Become abstinent
7. Where my two halo shirts (me as mastercheif and my Halo 3 icon)
8. Get Clan Jerseys
9. Finish the Fight!!!

How do you like my armor, lol.

NO GUNZ - NINJAS DONT USE GUNS!!!! Assassinations for all!!

:shifty ninja: :shifty ninja: :shifty ninja: :shifty ninja: :shifty ninja:
My list..

(for waiting in line)
Finished Halo armor
Game fuel

(at home)
Halo 3 edition X360
47" Plasma HDTV
Legendary Edition
(all my homework for the next day completed)
Lots of Pizza
My uBBER skillz
John-117 said:
Thats not your armor! :evil:

Chill John, or the mods will give you a first class ticket to Banville.

My list:
Finish armor (have 1 month :shock: )
get 360
preorder halo 3
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My check list:

-Get Halo 3 ON TIME ( :evil: singapore)
-mcdonald/pizza hut on speed dial
-make sure the frig is stocked with coke and grapejuice
-no soccer games *crosses fingers*
-finish the elite (yeah, right :roll: )
-lick my neighbor
-finish the fight.
Sarge Christi said:
My check list:

-Get Halo 3 ON TIME ( :evil: singapore)
-mcdonald/pizza hut on speed dial
-make sure the frig is stocked with coke and grapejuice
-no soccer games *crosses fingers*
-finish the elite (yeah, right :roll: )
-lick my neighbor
-finish the fight.

uhm...lick your neighbor?
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-Get Halo 3 the day it comes out
-get helmet done so I can wear it ;-)
-Get monster energy drink/H3 Mountain dew
-Get Food
-make sure I have nothing to do (Besides play Halo 3 ;-) )
-Finish the fight
- Get halo Legendary Edition a day before launch.
- Get my custom Halo 3 shirt, for the big LAN in the weekend
- Get my custom Halo 3 Hoodie, for the big lan in the weekend
- Get a mini frig and stuff it with Sprite and Fanta
- Rebuild my room so no one can get in....or out.
- Update my Xbox life acount
- Turn off my phone
- Dont lick my neighbors ( there like 75 years old )
- Finish my grunt
- Finish the fight
nice list
heres mine
1. Start and finish armor :shock: or order one
2. Order AR
3.Finish the final touches on my teams flag
4.Borrow freinds tent to camp out at best buy with my team

I already started stocking up on
Energy Drinks
Batteries(for controllers)
Microvable Food
mine is slightly more pessimistic:
Get up.
Go to school and calculate over and over again how many seconds until i can play H3
come home
play H3, probably around 152000 seconds later than you guys will. DAMN.
1. Stay up for midnight release. (Whether or not I camp my gamestop that night remains to be determined)
2. Probably miss school following day due to sleep deprivation or all night Halo 3
3. Eat food off and on through day to keep from passing out.
4. Avoid restroom breaks until necessary.
5. Screw around with multiplayer within the first 12 hours.
6. Assuming I have halo 3 in my hands, determine how many days of school to miss before THEY catch on to me.

It's actually pretty cool when your mom lets you know you can miss a day or two of school when Halo 3 comes out. My parents are awesome, not rich or anything, but awesome.
Mine is

1 Camp out at games stop all day/night to be the 1st in line at my game stop
2. Make sure my xbox gets back in time(i had to send it off today :( sad day for me:( Well i'm waiting for the box)
3. have my pizza place on speed dial
4. Make sure my mom camera is working to talk all the pics of the nice but angry people that wanted in front of my at game stop (lol)
5. Have my brother-in-law's phone number on speed dial
6. Stay up alllllll night playing halo 3 (even though my mom comes in a yells at me:()
7Have a bigggg cup of tea or pop by my side and a (urinal cup to(to go pee in so i do not stop playing halo 3 LOL!! just joking)
8Have my AR done my then to have it by my side to lol
9. have my halo helmet on the hole time i'm play halo 3
10. Finish the fight

That is it

1. Finish armor
2. Get halo3
3 Drink plenty of monsters
4. start wondering why everyones asleep except me
5. Beat halo 3 (Jk) I dont rush games.
real #5. Hopefully miss school
Here's mine:

1. Have my RROD 360 repaired (does anyone know if a game store can repair it?)
2. If my 360 isn't back by 9-25, blow up the town of Redmond :evil: .
3. If my 360 is back, camp for my preorderd Leg. Edish.
4. Go to skool and cry all day.
5. Come home and kick Covie & NooB ass!
1get halo 3
2hook up xbox to HDTV
3order some pizza
4get that game juice
5hook up sound chair
6make the grunt accross the street realy jealous
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