Halo 3 Ending Cutscene *SPOILERS*

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I watched it, Have a good reason to though because I won't be playing the game or even be able to see it till around december...

It's emotinal, heart wrenching, and touching all in one...

While watching the ending, I felt completly helpless watching what was happening... Here I am bawling my eyes out watching this thing.

The way they play out the end its truely really touching. You see how helpless the Chief is for once but yet how brave, confident, and strong he is.

"I don't think we will make it"
"We will make it"
"I am not so sure about it this time..."

When I heard this I just about fell off the chair bawling cuz it was so emotinal and then it whites out to Halo 3.

Spoilers and my thoughts from here on out, Do not read if you do not wan't game ruined...
A memorial service follows the Halo 3 text. The mood is set and the short speech is very touching, the War Memorial stands tall during a sunset while the service is taking place, you see pictures on the memorial commerating the heros and marines that fell to the covenant. When the service finishes, the camera zooms in on 117 etched into the stone of the memorial next to picture of other Hero's and Marines.

Fades to Credits.

I was all cried out by this time and was simply speechless when I made out the 117.

I would have said,

but Hero's never die,
or Legends never die,
But no...

Spartan's Never Die.

Alright, Theory's now. Arbiter is in the ending scene on the ship. He is clearly alive, Why does he survive and end up at the memorial service but the chief dosn't and he was on the Memorial Stone?

I was kinda like, wtf after thought about it. While I was waiting for the credits to load cuz 56k, I thought, maybe the arbiter kidnapped him for some unknown reason? I have no clue why but it popped into my head. Then the credits load and at the very end of the credits... guess what.


Array Authorized..._{Activate}
Rings online...{Activate}


So at this point I am completly and utterly confused, Chief dissapears? Rings activate?

Then I thought, Bungie can't just kill off a billion dollar fracnhise...

Screw Halo 3, We got through the Ark trilogy Bungie, now bring on Halo 4, 5, and 6!

A Hero need not speak, For when he is gone, The World will speak for him...


And to think it was someone from this site who ruined it for us... I was expecting it to be cafeteria chatter... but no. Had to be Adrenaline. Thanks, thanks a lot. Adam, for the sake of those who still have yet to see this, please close this.

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