Halo 3 Ending...

Halo 3 Ending

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all I can say is, it better not be reminisent to a certain Wachowski Brothers trilogy ending which will be unnamed due to its similaritys to a strip club, being as we all got the T&A for the first 2 dances and no payoff on the last.

If Bungie ruins it, I shall be angry!

Your thoughts?
I trust Bungie completely on this. They so far have proven themselves to be excellent at playing to the strengths of games as a narrative medium and I am fully confident that their ending will be, if not perfect, as near a compromise of perfection for all gamers as possible.
On the other hand, if they do muck it up, i will be very very annoyed.
well we all assumed that the 3rd and final matrix would be amazing, look at the first two, they built up for such an amazing ending with the first two, and then they apparently went retarded and threw together the third...

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