Foam Halo 3 gravity hammer


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Halo 3 Brute Gravity Hammer. Stands just over 6 ft tall and now outshines my sniper rifle as my biggest prop and I’ve made! It’s massive to hold and still under-scaled from what it should be in lore. I didn’t have a non gun looking weapon to play it safe at non convention public events so I wanted something that was definitely different. All foam and pvc build, only template I used is the 2d image so a lot of the hammer head and side view details are free handed. LEDs all run into the pvc pipe and I have a coupler to unscrew between the grips to access the batteries. Hand guard blade is sintra for rigidity. Finally got to incorporate some wasteland weathering techniques with the rust effect and leather and blood splatter is inspired by *that scene* from Halo: Landfall (RIP sniper ODST)



Spartan Warrior

Woah, nicely done! Love all the small details you included, the lighting looks great! Also nice job on the weathering, it's on point!

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