Halo 3 HD Chief Reference Images


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close up space diapers for the win!

This is awesome. Thank you for doing this RandomRanger! We need more thread like this.

What were you running and running on? MCC on PC?
Hmm, both? I run MCC on my xbox one at 1080p, start game where I have no weapon equipped (tricky for chief armor) and simply stand still in bright lighting, making sure to rotate the character to all angles and positions. I then load up the theater of my game play (more standing in a light than play) and zoom in on each individual piece at every angle. I then stream my xbox to my pc at high fidelity and use a screenshot tool (lightshot) to capture the images, making sure to label them appropriately as seen in my GDrive links. This can also be done by recording video on the xbox, uploading it to the cloud, and downloading it to pc, but that's a bigger hassle. The result is images of parts that are close to filling almost 1080p screenspace all by themselves which is how I get the high resolution. My Reach thread was done using the Reach Insider, so that's a bit crisper.

Each time around I pick up on little tricks and improvements to make the process faster, more efficient, with higher quality results, and any next set of reference images would be recorded slightly more refined.