Halo 3 Lasertag Announced

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Sean Bradley

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Hey all,

Just found this over at HBO and though it's be of great interest to everybody making Halo weapons.


Jasman toys will be releasing a liscensed Halo 3 Laser Command line (like Laser tags cheap little brother). Planned to be included in the weapons line are: the Covenant Plasma Rifle, Plasma Pistol, and Energy Sword.

Of course as this was just announced there are no images to speak of yet. The toys themselves will be released sometime in late 2007.

It should be interesting to see what the quality of these 'toys' will be, and if this actually means that we'll all be able to purchase reasonably priced toy versions of these weapons to use with our costumes.
true but i guess im not going to redo my plasma pistol if the toy looks good or if its too small, well we'll have to see when they come out

plus sean wondering what the sword might look like also
I had a look at Jasmans website, just to get a sense of the quality of their toys, and it wasn't really very impressive. Who knows though, maybe they will kick it up a notch for Bungie...


I'm not counting on the sword just yet... how are they going to integrate a plasma sword into a Laser Tag type game? Besides, kids are going to be far too inclined to beat each other with them... safety issues are going to require them to make changes that will most certainly not appeal to costumers ( i.e. soft foam blades or something)... so I'm not really worried.

Well, it should still be interesting to see what they come up with anyhow...
yes thats true...im thinking that they might be kinda big and kinda cartoonie, but like we said lets see what they come up with
honest_insanity said:
God I hope its not corny o_O

If it is, you can always take apart the guns and then like put them in your creations! XD Thats what my friends are planning for.
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Really? I had'nt seen that before, thanks for the link spartan-105. That's actually pretty impressive, not only the size of that thing, but the fact that it vibrates when it overheats and the heat exchange flanges extend too.

Aahh, that's why I didn't see it, it's in the Halo universe section instead of props and weapons, where it should be if you ask me.

Although the scale looks good in the photo, it also states 16", that's actually kinda small. It really needs to be at least 6 more inches to be close to scale, no?
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