Halo 3 Legendary Edition

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The Ragin Pagan

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Hey, does anyone know how many Halo 3 Legendary Editions are being made? Or for that matter, how many are left to pre-order?
Psh... screw my cat, that Helmet will not get a thread of hair on it when i comes into my possession...
Wont fit a cat annyway. There are photos of the bottom, its a rectangle inside, just big enough for the games and dvd cases
it was 25 downpayment on my legendary at gamestop... but yeah i cant wait.. that helmet is getting its own display box and goin right above my tv :hyper:
yeah when i reserved (last week) i was told that they were runnin low on reserves cuz they only got 500,000 worldwide for gamestop and they were startin to get close to their cutoff numbers..

so get out there and reserve it lol!!

u wont regret it
Wow...25 bucks? i only had to pay 10! but i preordered early(ish) and the store i did it at was a Play N Trade. A good game store, imo.
i did 10 down payment but since it came out for preorder i already payed the whole like 140.lol i better get one at not have mine sold to some bum.lol
I just went to my local Best Buy and they had a whole bunch of preorder boxes for the legendary edition on the shelves. I mean there were tons along with a bunch of limited edition and regular preorder boxes.
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