Halo 3 Marine Armor

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ok I have a couple of pics from the vidoc about the brutes in Halo 3, which contained Marines In new Armor, however, there are only in a cuple scenes for a glimpse, so here are the pics and a link to the vidoc

also give Brute armor a look over if you havent seen it you might like it and be insird try and create some

http://youtube.com/watch_fullscreen?video_...&title=Halo 3 Brute Documentary


i seen those i have pics of them too but there not the best but something to work with
sorry I am not used to using these groups, I do alot of stuff through myspace, but I like how the new armor is similar to the stuff from Halo 1, but less........well brown, and the brute chieftans have some cool armor now
if you wanted you could probably get some pictures of the marines models before they are skinned since we now know the colors of their armor, it would make creating their armor alot easier then if someone went off just these two screens from the vid
yea i took some pics with my carma, because when i try to do a printscreen and put it into photoshop it turns black
that sucks, I have photshop too, so I can use that if you need me to cut something out of a pic or try and edit some of the stuff
i need to find that vid in quicktime, if its in that format it will not turn black if i hit print screen
okay, well i have a link for the HD vidoc in qt, AND i have a fix that allows print screen in wmp, but they are both at home. I'll try to remember to post those tonight. :lindsey:
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