halo 3 marine

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nothing is complete yet


lol i didnt do the camo on purpose, but it looks nice

this is the front peice of the armor


im only doing one set of the original H3 armor, the rest will be costum and simpler ( plus i dont really like it) but enough to give people the impression " looks its the UNSC Marines!"

ive decided to go with fiberglassing it instead of doing it with plastic. should put the cloth on the outside or inside?

oh yeah, what are decent spray paints i can use, i think OD green would be the best but what brand


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Helmet obviously needs works, Chest plate looks like it is coming along Excellent.

Keep it up :).



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Resin on both sides.
Then Cloth (or Mat) inside.
Resin inside

Then you sand everything, and add bondo for little touch-ups
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