HALO 3 MARK 6 fully 3d printed suit


Hey yall,

Just uploading some pics of my suit. Colton made my chest seal , and joined the back of the packs for me and made it game accurate as the back thrusters are supposed to sit on the inner suit of a spartan as opposed to having it joined to the front of the chest like many people have which is inaccurate , and made me a neck seal as well. Shoutout to my boi!! Otherwise the entirety of the suit is 3d printed plastic. If you have any questions feel free to ask, im not going to post a whole spheel because Colton already has it covered and wrote out a couple of paragraphs lol.

Also, yes my neck seal is upside down in the photo, a random valet guy helped me put on my suit, and did it upside down. I went to New york comic con by myself and had no handler, not to mention there were no 405th members there so i had zero help.

I'm in the process of repainting my entire suit because they apparently discontinued the spray paint i needed , and i wanted a different color so it was an incentive to go for it. I'm also matching my color accurately to in game multiplayer variant custom games spartan that i've customized. will upload those pics this week for halloween.

Yes i know my thighs look terrible, they broke apart mid day at comic con and had to reseal them with adhesive velcro tape i had because i had a feeling something would happen
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Great job G TaS!! So what color schematics are you doing this go around?