Halo 3 Mark VI w/ Halo 4 Recruit Helmet - Thoughts?


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Wasn't sure where to put this, but I'd like to hear your thoughts of how I can improve this custom made Halo model.

I've had this since September to use in my Source Filmmaker work. Before I was using a full Halo 4 model but, as time went on, I was getting a little tired of it (I'm not a fan of 343's armor work anyway.). I still liked the Recruit helmet, so I thought "Why not mesh it with Halo 3 armor?" and thus, the following result was made. I originally had the idea of having it 100% white, but I then I was inspired by the colour schenme of the 501st Clone Trooper legion from Star Wars, and blue was added to it, too.


Some of you will probably say otherwise, but I really like how this mashup turned our. However, I still think it can be improved. What do you guys think of it so far?

Textrue files for those curious (I downscaled the resolution on the helmet so that it doesn't stick out too much from the rest of the armor.)



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That does look pretty cool.

I'd say the paintjob could look better. Rather than your current "racing stripes", I think it would be more appealing if some more of the detail parts were blue.


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Well, Star Wars has some pretty sleek designs. Halo has big, bulky, designs. I see the inspiration for sure, but I feel like some tweaking on the forearms and shins would make it look more like those clones.


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what do you plan on doing with your model? You plan on building a set of armor?
I would love to, but I have no skills in armor building.

I just thought I'd post it here to see what you guys think of it and/or if it can be improved in anyway. I want to keep the paintjob the same, but if there's anywway to 'enhance' the textures, that'd be helpful.


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Yeah man, I don't really know how to enhance textures. Just google "Enhancing 3D model Textures with photoshop"

let me look around real quick...


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I never thought of combining Bungie style armor with 343 style armor but in your case it works and it looks very good. (I personally would have picked a black- green color schenme but the white and blue probably fits better)
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