Halo 3 Master Chief Green

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Sean Bradley

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Hey all.

I have been doing some paint tests to try to find the right combination of colors to create the new Halo 3 Master Chief green, and crossed the finish line tonight. I though I'd share some of my progress with you.

In the past I used an automotive colormatched paint for my armor that was a real pain in the @$$ to apply because it needed to be applied overtop of a gold underbase and needed to be airbrushed on. So counting off paint applications, it was : Primer, Textured Paint, Gold, Woodland Green Mettalic. Thats alot of painting and drying time.

Recently I discovered the beauty of Adams paint application process, and experimented using it for Fitz's helmet. I was very pleased with how it looks, but I didn't really feel too good about stealing his color scheme for use on my own armor.

The color of the chiefs armor has changed alot since Halo 3, especially depending on where you got your resources pics from. The old color I used on my armor was based off of the in-game Master Chief model from Halo 2:



It looked different shades depending on what the lighting conditions were.. Which was great, but it still was a pain to apply, and looked a little too 'candy green' for my tastes. I Cant beleive it's taken me a year to decide that.

The color that Adam uses is really cool because of the mottled effect that happens with the application of dark grey primer overtop of the Oregano paint... it looks about PERFECT for the announce trailer MasterChief:



So you may have noticed that the color used on the in-game Master Chief has changed again since then... It wasn't until the very last round of pre-release pics that we finally saw the final color. When I saw it, it immediately reminded me of a particular patina process that I used to apply to bronze sculptures, and I was pretty sure that I could replicate it in paint. It took a number of different colors, and several layers of dry-brushing, but it's still alot easier than the old colors that I used to use... Anything to avoid airbrushing helps a good bit for me being that my compressor is really noisy and I can't use it at night..

So heres the reference pic I used... the color is identical to the render pics that Bungie has on their site:


Sorry, I had to continue this in another post... damn pic posting limits!

Heres the final paint I came up with for it.. please excuse the lack of visor.. I'll put up finished helmet pics in a day or so..








It's a warm green base that has a couple colors dry-brushed overtop of it. I'll put together a full tutorial for that color application as soon as I can. I just wanted to get some feedback before I got too far ahead of myself.

So whatdya think?
WOW.. Sean you got it down to a science.. I love the color and how it exactly looks like the updated Halo 3.. The way you also did the weathering is top notch!!.. If your going to perform this on your armor, it will be too amazing for words.. Keep up the great work Sean!! Again, I am proud to be a owner of your pieces of art in an SB Helmet.. Yes everyone.. I have number 2!! :lol:

That looks absolutely bitchin'!! I think you nailed it!

That color, weathered, works perfectly for me, perfectly!!

Damn fine job.
I just ordered a helmet from Sean. So we'll see how mine turns out. Its gonna be tough to nail that paintjob as well as he did. We shall see!
Thanks for you compliments everyone. After working so hard on this it's nice to hear some hoo-rahs for the end result.

I've looked this whole post over a few times now, and I have to say that I didn't compare Adams paint scheme too closely with the New Chief pics until after I put it up... it's actually not that bad for the new color as well. But for the reasons that I listed before, I believe I'll be doing my work with the color scheme that I came up with myself, just to be unique. Thanks Adam, for inspiring me to go back to the drawing board and raising the bar for authenic looking paint jobs!
Wow that is a great job on the green and on the weathering... Seeing the super jobs you and Adam both do painting makes me wish I could skip the building part of helmets and get right to this!
Nice, nice work.

Drybrushing is used in prop making? Perhaps 40k WILL be useful outside of 40k! :D
Awesome, man. I love the new color. It makes it seem more... calm. It really gives the character of the Master Chief.
Man, I have to join in on the crowd with this one. That is a fantastic green and the weathering job is intense. In a few places I can see the color progression from the dry brushing and it works out extremely well. Many many kudos to you on this paintjob.

I totally have to.

I think it should be just a tad more green (than faintly golden brown?) but it's the closest thing to perfect I've see.

Awesome Sean, simply awesome. Now I just have to resist the urge to repaint my 001 helm. :love:
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