1st Build Halo 3 MK VI build (foam)


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Update and big photo dump here

So it took me a while but I finished all of the repairs from my mistake. I also went ahead and finished leak sealing all of the pieces

1630974399686.png 1630974420757.png 1630974440150.png 1630974458537.png 1630974478501.png 1630974503379.png 1630974526256.png 1630974546486.png 1630974568499.png 1630974586695.png 1630974607508.png 1630974635378.png 1630974655669.png

Now my original plan was to try to finish this before school starts in September. As you can see that is not the case so I will have to find time either after school or on the weekends. With that, there probably wont be a lot of updates but I will still continue to work on my suit. All that there is left is sanding, painting, and weathering and I will be done. Now my new goal will try to aim for Fan expo Toronto in October and if that does not work, then Halloween.


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This looks just amazing. And you have done it in such a short time. Good job mate!
When you start your next school year, take a step back. Don't rush it because you think you have to be done soon. Give it time.
You've already proven that you can do good work when you invest time.

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