Halo 3 Multiplayer Spartan II & III

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In H2 they made it so you could play as a Cov Elite in multiplayer, so what if they bring this concept to H3 but instead of a Elite you could be a Spartan III, switching Shielding for camo could be a fairly even trade off if handled right.

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I would very much prefer there to be different playable characters that vary only in looks. Changing what each character to do is just changing the game into Unreal Championship.
But i makes the game slightly lopsided. In H2, the cows (elites) are easier to snipe. I don't know, like just H3 MC. Maybe just have 3 characters.
H1 MC; H2 MC: and H3 MC ;-)
bungie is fixing the disadvantage of the elite head somehow, I dont want S-III's in multiplayer, but make them into a covert mission type of thing where they actiate their camo in certain parts like elites in H2 when going after the heretics

edit: they should also have a Mister Chief model
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i think thay should let u pick wat u want to use in the game on the missons

that would ruin the pacing, and trash the entire storyline.
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I dont see why in multiplayer you couldn't have Spartan IIs and IIIs AND Elites. And the Spartain IIIs have a active camoflage that will last as long as they choose to have it on as far as i understand it, but they have no Energy Sheilds. however if they make it so you can pick up Jackal sheild gauntlets that is what they do in the books. I think that it would be a great idea to add them into multiplayer, And i think it would be awesome to have them in Campaign also but be able to choose to be them or not like in Kill Zone, but since we don't know what the ending to the story will be who knows if there will even be any spartain IIIs left in halo 3. :eyepatch:
yeah but then you could have a jackal shield and plasma pistol wthout the shields but then its like Rainbow Six: Halo
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