Halo 3: ODST. NMPD SWAT cosplay.


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Been wondering if anyone has ever done N.M.P.D S.W.A.T cosplay from Halo 3: ODST? Been searching the threads & found nothing thus far nor the net in general.
As most people love doing ODSTs, Spartans & rare occasions; marines. why not I be the first here? unless someone wants to race me. :lol:

This sort of cosplay is really great for beginners who don't have the daunting feeling of a big task making an entire mech-suit out of foam for the first time & trying to make theirs look more on the professional side as most parts can be required online such airsoft & training gear with some easy modifications & some easy parts to make from scratch such as the soft chest-plate with a bit of hand sewing. Get the CH252 helmet from the armoury here in the Halo 3 marine files, get it 3D printed (recommend this for beginners who are starting out cosplay), paper-crafted or EVA foam build of your choice with a mirror golden visor from an old motorcycle helmet modified to attach too.

After I'll do my UNSC marine one this year, I'm gonna jump in to do this next year step by step as I have a bit of experience with tactical gear from previous military cosplays such as Army Of T.W.O for example.

I will post back here, anyone is welcome to add details & advise with what the closest resemble modern tactical gear today that would work while I'll show how to put it all together for anyone who wish to do one for either beginners & veterans alike. (y)


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Looks nice! Good luck, look slike it uses the marine shoulders and the straps from the marine. also the marine helmet would look sick with that face shield. can't wait to see progress on this.
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