Halo 3: Odst - Pepakura Armor

Welcome to the official Halo 3: ODST Pepakura File Base:

A big thanks to all of the modelers, unfolders and forum members whose hard work has made this thread and these files possible! Also a big thanks to Adam again for the promotion, which allows me to post my files in this forum

Nightshade’s Halo 3 ODST Pepakura Files:

Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST) Armor Files:

(Click on an armor piece to download)

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ODST Weapon Files:

M6C/SOCOM Semi-Automatic Sidearm:

M7S Submachine Gun:

Best of luck with your armor!

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i have a request, could the mods if possible merge threads?

edit: i just remembered don't make a file for the CQB shoulder or Micky's shoulder as it's better know for. why? you ask well 1ManBattalion made one in his thread on page 4
I had actually intended this thread to be a compilation of the actual progress we've made from that thread (and disregarding some of the earlier or less important posts). The decision to merge, however, is still up to the mods. I just don't see a need for it.
Thanks, 222

I used that picture as a reference for the sniper shields, but I forgot I could use it for the chest/backpack. I know this is a concept drawing, but is this reference accurate enough to the real game that I should model off of it? There seems to be a bit of a lack of reference.

I'm guessing the line drawing to the left is part of the backpack. (You can see the bar and antennae (spelling?) behind him). Both that and the front look tempting. Of course, I don't thinkg I'm good enough to model the large chest armor below the equuiptment boxes (you can barely see it anyway), but I might try the equiptment. Is that blue piece connected to the chest armor, or seperate? (I'm thinking I'll model the equiptment directly under that). And I might throw in those grenades for fun (although they might be easier to make from scratch).

Is the backpack piece one piece (well, seperate pieces, but connected?)

Also, how thick is the base of those equiptment boxes (the large top one and smaller bottom one, both beneath the blue thing)? I mean the part behind the dark grayish-blue, silver and black parts. The base with the silver stripes. I'm thinking maybe two to three inches. And is the small, flat piece right above the groin connected to those equiptment boxes? (In other words, should I include it if I make a model of those boxes?)

Sorry for all the questions, I'm just trying to better understand the picture.


Another thing (all of these questions) ... People have asked me to do the new ODST boots, but they just look like boots to me. Are they also in one piece? And are there any good reference pics I can get to help me? It's just disappointing that I have so little to work with.


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I have a sinking feeling that ODST's are going to be the next MKVI around here in the near future. ;)


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you need to make the unfolds in PEP 2 also. theres alot of people that like that version of pep better


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link4044 said:
you need to make the unfolds in PEP 2 also. theres alot of people that like that version of pep better
I second that.
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sinking feeling
What makes it "sinking"??

About Pep 2. I didn't even know that the files would be incompatible with older versions.
I didn't unfold those, but I would sugguest contacting any of the unfolders (MrOreo123, 222notforyou, HeavyGunner, Th3 FETT MAN, etc)

If you follow this Clicky and go to renders you should have some good refrences for your models. Hope this will help you.

Thanks! Finally a few people have answered my call for more reference. I'll get started immediately. Remember, the modelers can only do so much and so fast. The rest is up to you.
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Thanks to the link that The_Rookie posted, I've collected some great H3 ODST reference pics:

Some Leg Renders:

Shins and Thighs:

Side of Armor and Backpack:

Great View of the Backpack:

Inside of Shins and Thighs:

Front View:


Thanks for the link. These will be a great help when I start modeling!

PS - HeavyGunner, I'll put those in the first post. Thanks!



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you guys probaly already figured it out but it looks like all the stuff thats there on the shins and so on look like minor add ons so maybe you dont need to build the whole thing like the shin and stuff ya know?

The Rookie

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To me the thighs look kind of like MarkVI thighs just smoothed and modified a little. You may be able to use the pep file of the Mark VI for the basic shape of the new thighs.

Hey Crackhead! Yeah, I made the same observation. This is more of an armor update than the full-blown developement of a new armor set.

Wow, that's amazing! Your going to be great in this forum, I'm excited to build this, thanks!
Thanks, man (I'm thinking that was directed to everyone who helped too, not just me), but thanks anyway. I'm excited too. I might just scratch/postpone my old Mark VI peps I've had waiting around (waiting for a chance to get more resin)

What modeling program do you use? I've been trying to find a good one for ages.
Those were modeled in Maya 8.0. It's pretty expensive unless you get the student discount edition. For much cheaper packages that just include modeling/lighting/rendering (and not animation, dynamics, hair/fur, etc), you might want to try WINGS 3D. It's a free, open source modeling package that allows to to make polygon models very similar to those in Maya. I think it also supports textures and reference image planes now as well. You might want to check it out!

Other free 3D modeling packages include Anim8or and Milkshape 3D (which is shareware, as I remember)

PS - I still think the thighs are worth a new Pep model. Just my view.
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Just adding another unfold to the thread and it's PD2! :D Just click on the pic below.


This is actually a combined shoulder and sniper plate armor piece. Since the latter sits on top of the former plus they have identical scaling, I decided to combine them to form a single file.

BTW, nice work on modeling, Nightshade. (y)