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Halo 3: ODST - UNSC ODST 1.2

No permission to download
New to the pep'ing side of things and would like to do a foam set, starting at square one, where would I begin with these files?
I would appreciate any detailed help! Thanks a ton!
*reads "update"*
*doesn't see anything*
uhhhh....am I looking in the right place? I'm looking for some Halo 3 ODST templates.
G'day mate, if you scroll back up to the top of this page, you will find an option to download the files on the top right. If you look to the left you'll find an overview tab which will tell you everything that is in the zip file you are downloading.

So now that I have the file, who has the best tutorial on assembling it all the parts together (where can I look for tutorials on assembling all the parts)? FYI, I've never used Pepakura before. And how do I print each parts?
Alright mate, if you go over to the front page of the forum, there is a sub forum dedicated entirely to tutorials. Please check that one out, and possibly look up building with pepakura with google. Punished Props is my favourite youtube series on building props, but focus mainly on foam. They do have an old video on pepakura though. Before asking too many more questions though, please go check out the links in the tutorial section, google, and consider making a new thread for any questions instead of using this one. Thanks mate, good luck.

sorrry i am french and i don't understand the difference the files
"halo-3-odst-unsc-odst-belt.pdo" and "halo-3-odst-unsc-odst-belt-foam.pdo" ? and i have a second question ^^ what do you mean by assets ?
sorrry i am french and i don't understand the difference the files
"halo-3-odst-unsc-odst-belt.pdo" and "halo-3-odst-unsc-odst-belt-foam.pdo" ? and i have a second question ^^ what do you mean by assets ?

Anything with FOAM on the end of the file, just means the pattern has been simplified so that you can build it out of foam floor mats.

Assets means they are the actual 3d object files taken from the video game. Game assets do not have a lot of detail.
am i just blind or is the upper chest part not in the foam folder? Or do you have to make that some other way?
I dont believe this part has been templated yet. We are always looking for those willing ton contribute and help us fill out what is missing in our Armory!
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