Halo 3 PC trailer; High res weapon pic references.


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So the trailer for Halo 3/MCC PC come out, was I the only one that drooled over these?
Notice some extra detail such the weird QR code on the handle & two screw/bolt on the front top cover area.
Overall love the high poly count of these renders of the MA5C & the BR55HB. If only 343i could release these updated renders for public fair use so I can 3D print these bad boys, I'll die a happy man. :lol:




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So wait, did they remaster the graphics on this one too? From what I remember, the anniversary edition of Halo 3 on Xbox had the same graphics as the original game. Anyway, all I have to say is this - I can't believe this day has finally come. For years Halo 3 PC seemed impossible but here it is...


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Amazing resolution! Regarding the grip on the AR, I believe that what we are seeing is the light play on the knurled grip, rather than a QR code.



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Nah, not remastered. It's just part of the trailer, It looks to be the new slipspace engine to show the weapons, they took the existing 3D model asset & did it up by adding more polys to the existing asset giving it more dept where it originally suppose instead of using a graphic mesh over the model asset to give it the illusion of detail & dept.

I'm not 100% sure if it's technically "DotCode" used in industrial machine assets to keep logistics in order from constant environmental abuse (If so, want to see if their is an easter-egg :lol:) or as you said being knurled grip. If just a grip, why just the bottom? Can't be a shadow hiding it, the top part thumb area is showing wear through the shadow. I don't know, just looks off to me.