Halo 3 Press event 5/11/07

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Sean Bradley

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Well, it's hardly a bonanza, but I thought we should have a thread for all the news stories that'll be popping up all over the net for the next few days. I haven't heard a real first hand account of todays press event yet, but these stories are little glimpses of it...

I only found one so far, but I know they're be more tomorrow...

MSN News: 'Microsoft lifts shroud off of Halo 3'
More news is in now, I'll post up what I found on HBO

Associated Content discusses some of the changes between Halo 2 and Halo 3 : http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2..._of_halo_3.html

The New York Sun looks at the effect of Halo on society: http://www.nysun.com/article/54396

Pro-G has a Halo 3 Hands-On: http://www.pro-g.co.uk/xbox360/halo_3/preview-448.html

411Mania has a preview: http://www.411mania.com/games/previews/542...60)-Preview.htm

Gametrailers has a two-part walkthrough: http://www.gametrailers.com/gamepage.php?id=2606

HaloNorge has a multipage guide to the beta in Norwegian : http://halonorge.org/site/content/view/1306/1/

Eurogamer has put up a screenshot gallery of beta shots, and posted a First Impressions article :



MyGEN has posted a Hands-On: http://www.mygen.com.au/preview.php?page_i...31&format=2

The BBC's Darren Waters (he's written a number of Halo articles in the past) has been playing the Beta all weekend, and has written up some of his thoughts:


Thats it for now. Anybody else anxious? :mrgreen:
Im not worrying about Halo 3 much until december =p. Thats when im going to get my 360 most likely. Nothing much appeals to me thats out on the 360... I also might as well wait for the price drop which will be soon.

Some neat stuff there though =].

I suspected that the price drop would have happened by now... :$ops:

Anyone have a confirmed date?

I really need to know, because we need to buy like 15 360's at work for our LAN system, and I've been stalling them because I heard it was going to happen soon as well.
Gamestop hasn't mentioned anything about a price drop yet. I've been watching intently as well because I want to make sure I get my 360 before H3 comes out.
i doubt there will be a price drop because everyone is willing to pay $130 for legendary. and even though they do like making games and want to make us happy they also like making money so i think legendary will be $130
Ronen, we're talking about Xbox 360 price drops, not the Legendary versions of Halo 3. Those will be a limitted supply anyways so doing a price drop would be... well, ridiculous.
there won't be a price drop. It costs Microsoft more money to make a xbox then what it sales for. they do this so they have a edge on ps3. Microsoft is making the money from game sales not xbox's. so if there is going to be a price drop it will happen in limited ways.

1) if sony does a price drop of the ps3 to match of or be below the price of the 360.

2) The price of the xbox processors and other hardware drops.
No, There is going to be a price drop coming in the next few months, Easily. If microsoft dosen't cut their prices soon they are going to be dropping in sales pretty fast. Prices probably will not drop for the Elite but for the Premium and Core, they will drop no matter what.

I know its going to come soon enough , so I am personally not worried about it.



I had announced this a while back in the thread about the Halo 3 release date. I was told by the sales rep of the largest wholesale videogame distributor in the East that the price drop on the 360 would be happening in sometime before the summer.

I thought it would have been a bombshell at the H3 press event, but I guess they didn't think so.
Yeah, I totaly agree with Sean, the price drop should be coming around soon. The 360 has been out about a Year and a Half. I would be expecting a price drop. Typically console's drop prices year by year. The 360 is due any time now. The price in Europe has already dropped a bit. That was only a small margin, but its due to drop atleast 50$ if not a 100$.

Ive got time to blow :birthday: (No pun intended) Hehe

:agree: :agree: i think that its going to drop but not a significant amount. at most $75 but thats prety big xbox was still at $200 when 360 came out so i count think it will be too drastic.
Actually I got my xbox in 04 and it was only 149$. Thats what the xbox's were at from there on up. 360's came out 22nd of November. I got my Xbox in August of 04.

You are a bit out of date there ;-) .

i bought my Xbox after i graduated from 8th grade and now im graduating from high school so i didn't really care about what it was when 360 came out. i was more concerned with the 360 which i have only owned since the end of last September.
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