Halo 3 Price Bump!

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Nova Chief

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Did y'all hear about the price bump on Halo 3 Legendary Pack! They jacked it up to $129! Even for the people that already reserved it they still need to put the extra $30 to get it. But I'll still put the extra $30. Thoughts??
I DIDN'T GET CONTACTED!!!!! Mother F***ers! oh, well ill still buy it anyways. its gonna be sweet. they probably put it at $99 because they thought more people would buy it then they found out they weren't making enough so they bumped up the price. that or they are super greedy.
project cost more then expected supposedly, still dont have a copy reserved but I think I am going to see if I can get one at blockbuster since that is not a 45 minute drive but 15-20 minutes at most
**Prices are subject to change**

This is what happens when you reserve a game 8 months in advance.
Anybody who is already spending $99 on the ultra deluxe mega collectors Legendary Edition should'nt balk at another $30.

Look at that sweet box they put it in... thats worth $30 right??

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