Halo 3: Shipmaster (Half Jaw) Build W.I.P!!

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by HeadLocks, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. HeadLocks


    Hello all!

    There's an Elite sized hole in my heart, so today marks day one of filling it!

    I plan to complete The Shipmaster (his name is Rtas Vadum so lets go with that from now on) by February 2018 just in time for RTX Sydney.

    Thanks for looking, I'll be updating this thread regularly over the next 3 months!

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  2. Dirtdives


    Dude, sorry about the hole in your heart...........Lets hope you get it filled by Feb.......otherwise it's going to be a bit more painful. Happy Early Valentine's Day.....
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  3. Cadet

    Cadet Executive Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    Rtas is one of my favorite Covenant characters. Love his scene with the Arbiter in the Dropship in Halo 2.

    Build looks nice and clean so far. Will be keeping an eye on your progress, and good luck!
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  4. HeadLocks


    I cut off Rtas' left mandables (poor guy). Still working out details and positioning of the face, but so far so good.

  5. SkyBox

    SkyBox New Member

    I hardly have the perseverance to create a set of spartan armor, i cannot imagine what it takes to make a fully fledged rtas cosplay, I hope that heart of yours gets filled.... but i mean your heart must be pretty big... your looking at a 7ft tall hole in your heart.
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  6. Leiutenant Jaku

    Leiutenant Jaku Jr Member

    Now take your image of a 7 foot tall heart and imagine how tall he must be

    Anyway HeadLocks nice work so far, hoping to see more soon
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  7. HeadLocks


    Torso base is built \owo/

    I just realised how much time I don't have to get this done so let the grind commence.

  8. Cadet

    Cadet Executive Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    Looking good,
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