Halo 3 Spartan Laser (3D Printing)


After building almost every unsc weapon at least once, its time for the spartan laser, got it fully 3d modeled and sliced, and the printing process begins now, going to be printing it all on 2 cr10 machines and using a steel emt tube for structural support, its the halo 3 variant... Will update as new progress is made.
12 parts printed, got 2 big ones and 4 small ones left. Client requested me to swap the steel pipe with a wood dowel, doesnt fit as tight, but with some friction fitting with tape and epoxy it should be fine. Using a new acrylic glue on this one and after some testing its quite strong.
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3-5% for most parts, not gonna do much cleanup as far as getting rid of every layer line, trying to keep it under 10 pounds

Under ten pounds LoL. That's light! I attached the decal and stencil designs I used to finish mine. They are scaled to the full-size 38.3 inch Halo Encyclopedia specs. Hopefully they will be useful to you. I am loving seeing this come together.

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