Halo 3 SPI hi-res shots needed

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Anyone have any SPI shots available? I know I may have to wait but I would love to get some hi-res shots of the helmet from as many angles as possible. I want to start sculpting the helmet.

Thanks for keeping this thread on topic. :)
If you do have some, upload them to the GALLERY, and link to it - DO NOT POST THEM HERE.

Also, do you mean the EVA armor? If so, cool. If you mean SPI, this should go in the other forum. And if you're scultping this should go in the molding forum.
Hey CG, there aren't any SPI Spartans in Halo 3.

There is the EVA and CQB permutations. I think there are others as well.

SPI is from the Halo novels, do you mean the Halo 3 EVA armor or the SPI novel armor?

I have SPI res shots on my SPI build topic, I'll see if I can get you a link soon ;)

CGClone said:
Hey Adam, my apologies, didnt know exactly where to post it. Just gathering intel at the moment, please feel free to move it where you feel it should go.

I am referring to the helmet seen here:


Thats what Im after.

Thanks, no harm meant.

Hey CG my friend,

that is indeed CQB armor.

I have saved maybe 200-300 pics from Halo related topics that I will be updating into the forum reference pictures throughout the day today.

So be on the lookout for those. ;)
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the eva armor is spi just like a upgraded version for the type of armor the cheif uses and here are some links to some good renders of it

eva 1

eva 2

eva 3

eva 4

the site is awsome you can find just about any thing you want

btw i made me some new sigs hope yall think they pretty sweet :D
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