Halo 3 Splitscreen

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Ok, in a other topic i also said it but now i have screenshots!


Well doesn't this look crap to you ?
I really hate it..
You buy for Halo 3 a 50inch Plasma screen and you get this!
Does anyone know how to fix this problem ? or do i have to accuse bungie/microsoft for this? XD
Well for the two player one, if you have a tv similar to mine, you could change the view setting to strech it to fit, but they everything will look squished. I think it's just the aspect ratio of the game window itself that sets it up like that. I don't think you can really do a whole lot.

I have to ask though, if you have a 50" TV , what does it matter? I have a 37" and I think that's plenty big.
Yea it does the same thing to me when I play two player, I think that that is just the aspect ratio they set it at

course I have a 74 inch so it doesnt really affect me that much lol :)
I have a 50" LG Plasma tv...but this just really sucks, you buy a game where everyone * in my opinion * really hopes to have a great CO-OP experience.
But then you get this kinda things...and i got a word of Bungie Support and they say that the Aspect Ratio is set 4:3 when you are playing splitscreen and not 16:9.
Well in my opinion..don't place any labels on the cover with 720P, 1080i or 1080P just say to all the gamers and fanboys OK our game doesn't support 16:9 or any HDTV resolution in split screen.
And then Gears of War can play in CO-OP on 16:9 so if Bungie calls this Next Gen...well they are very very very wrong.
Yes iam pissed about this problem because of this..its not fun when you buy specialy for Halo 3 a 50" tv and you get these jokes.
Iam really not saying that the game is bad...but this was something thats always been in Halo 1 and 2.
Why the sudden change? and right now the only way to get it good..
You need to set your Xbox 360 on Normal Screen and 480P then it works but really looks terrible on 50" plasma..T_T
Another question...
Whats the diffrence between a HD VGA Cable and the HD Component cable..
I don't know if it's on the 360, but go to "Settings" and then "Video." Select widescreen, and that should do it. Again, this is for the old Xbox. I do not own a 360... yet...
My friend, this is most more annoying then have more view.
I don't buy a 50inch HDTV for nothing!
Ah response of Bungie in their Updates.


Is there a fix in the works for the split screen issue? For most of us it’s killing us to see 2 black bars every time we play with a buddy.

We do that to maintain a proper field of view and aspect ratio on HDTVs. The alternative is a broken Field of View or stretching. One awkward trick you could use is to set your box to 480p and non-widescreen, then let your HDTV stretch the signal. That would be sorta fugly, however.

Well if you got 50" HDTV it scruws big time up your screen! XD
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