Halo 3: The ride (must be 7', 1000lbs. to enter this ride)

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Sean Bradley

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WTF is this?:


Kotaku is eagerly waiting in line for this at the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany.. scratching their heads. :unsure:

I wish I had a funny quote to throw in here, but it's escaping me at the moment.

Ah... got it: 'Not nearly as fun as the plasma grenade ball pit."

Some crazy guy is going to crash a plane into that, then some crazy guy in green armor is going to detonate the plane ;-)

Nice find Sean :rofl: !!
Well i think its relatively easy, look at the weel. The rides are covered with something.My best guess is that you can play halo3 inside for one hole circle :lindsey:
Well. What do you know... It is Halo 3: The Ride.

Every one of the 24 cabinets is outfitted with 2 X Box 360's. They haven't announced what they are planning with this, but supposedly Microsoft will be announcing it soon.

I'd suspect that it's intention is to have a huge LAN party...in ferris wheel form.




With 48 individual players... this would be a rather large game of Halo 3...

Good god! O.O
For once I wish I was in Germany...
Even though I'm not too fond of heights.
Guess it wouldn't matter that much when it's all covered up like that.
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