Halo 3 Trailer vs 2

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Ive been watching and thinking and i think #2's trailer was more suspensful, i know 3 has a large thing in the ground opening up and hes back to earth but i mean in 2 he took a bomb opened up the space seal and flew out into space diving to earth. you dont beat that.
lets also remember, that halo 2's trailer made us think we were going to have a good single player game/story. WE WERE LIED TO.

No big battle on earth .... what a crock.
Depends at how you look at it. Halo 3's trailer was pretty plot-heavy, and had sweet graphics, a massive scale, tons of ships on-scrren, etc. But Halo 2's was much cooler suspence-wise. When he's walking down the hall, static-filled radia chatter in the backround, then the side-panel opens up and gives him a battle rifle. and the interjections of like:

::Loading mission history

::Neutralize ancient alaien super-weapon

::Owtwit Forerunner AI construct

::Destroy parasitic infectious lifeform

::Stop destruction of Human Race
>In Progress

Or something to that extent. I think I liked Halo 2s trailer better, but who am I to say, right?
The halo 2 announcement trailer and the halo 3 trailer are examples of the two types of sequel trailers. Halo 2, went with showing the character right away, putting him a situation where you know what will happen next (kinda), and then leaving the watchers hyped about playing the game. Halo 3, went with the suspense of the not knowing what you're watching at the beginning, showing off graphics, and leaving its watchers wondering how the hell MC is going to get out of this one.

Let's just wait a few more days and see what monday night will bring us.
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