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Hello, I have made some progress on my h4 elite, such as... scaling props and weapons, planning, and learning how to work with 5-6 mm eva foam.
Also, can someone help me out? I don't know how to post pics because now I have to put in a dumb htttp. Does anyone know how to post pics? If so, thank you!


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When I'm doing a bunch of photos I like to use the "Attach Files" method.

If it's just one or two photos I'll just Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V them where I need them.

I'm excited to see the progress of your Elite FunFrostbite !


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There are some awesome looking Elites,I really like the Halo 4 elites (They're growing on me , wanting to add an Elite to future project list. I think they could be fun). I like the look of the Halo Elite in the gold armor 3rd from the bottom of your list (sorry I'm unsure of his rank) or the Ranger (Reach also has a nice looking Ranger).

Whatever you decide will be awesome! :D
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