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Halo 4 DMR

Discussion in 'Halo Props' started by TSCGCobra043, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. TSCGCobra043

    TSCGCobra043 New Member

    I was looking at a tutorial online about making a DMR prop gun. It was posted by Hyperpropsfx and I was wondering if anyone knew where the stencils were found. He says multiple times they were found on 405th but after searching throughout the site I cannot find them.
  2. PaiganBoi


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  3. TSCGCobra043

    TSCGCobra043 New Member

    I actually found a better version for the type listed in the video. The correct file for use with foam core boards is listed under the incorrect name it's listed as reach br but it is really a halo dmr here's the url
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  4. CommanderPalmer


    You are aware that he posted the link to the stencils on his video, right?
    Like, literally there. In the description... You don't even have to search for them.
  5. TSCGCobra043

    TSCGCobra043 New Member

    you are aware that the "link to the stencils" are photos of the stencils he drew and are not to scale, right? The to scale photos are linked in a comment much lower than the description (link shown here). Although the images in the link are okay they aren't guaranteed to be scaled properly and there could be flaws in the actual images (i.e you can see shadows and therefore I do not trust them). I looked at the stencils in the description multiple times and decided that there would be a greater waste of time with those stencils, and therefore it would be smarter to look for better ones. The reason I asked was because the name of the stencils is actually "sliced reach br(with numbers)" and confused me due to the fact that it said br not dmr, but once I further inspected it, I realized that it was, indeed, a halo reach dmr. but thanks for pointing that out anyway :) some people don't actually look into the description and therefore waste a lot of time that way

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