Halo 4 FOTUS + Recruit armor Pre birthday build

So I recently got Halo Infinite and the MCC and I found some new armor I liked. I'm building the FOTUS helmet from Halo 4 with the Halo 4 recruit armor a few months before my birthday. The FOTUS helmet I chose for this build because unicorn horn looks funny and I want to make a helmet of it since I didn't see any posts about it. This time I took notes for when working with cosplay materials. This build will be using EVA foam of different density. The pattern for the helmet has been cut out and traced but I still need to decide paint colors for the Armor. For the visor I'm using an unused acrylic sheet from my Mark VII helmet build.
Might cut out the pattern after taking a break for a few days


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Quick update on project FOTUS
I was able to cut out parts for the helmet and glue part of the jaw.
I think I know the color I want for the whole armor. It says in the wiki it's called "Estate Gold" but in Halo Infinite multiplayer the Armor color doesn't show.
I can't really work on FOTUS due to school but I will work on it when I can.
Working on some parts today
The plan is to glue the jaw and chin parts and glue it to the side pieces then spray paint it the Estate Gold yellow color. Then glue to the rest of the helmet


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Unfortunately this weekend I couldn't finish the FOTUS helmet. But I did get A LOT more done!
Only a few more pieces left to glue! And I got some new tools plus a metallic yellow paint that matches the color scheme I am looking for.


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