Halo 4/Freebuild Flood


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Ay so I haven't updated anything here for a while now, and as a result have this c:

This is my Flood 'addon' for my ODST getup :p It's not completely finished but I'm super happy with it regardless.

I started off with a scratchbuilt head template out of foam

I then brought a material called CosplayFlex from www.thecosplayforge.co.uk/ as they sponsored me to do this.
This material gives me the rough leathery look I was looking for, and it's a thermoplastic so it's super easy to work with!

I left a hole where the mouth is so I could put in a suitable Mouth in future.
However, I filled it in :p I then took a leaf out of TurboCharizard's book, quite literally a leaf :D

I also made a really ghetto claw..

I did find a mouth though! It's some anime mask a friend recommended :D

I then built the rest of the flood parts on livestream, so I don't have photos sorry, but it's the same process with the foam in the head

What do you think of the paintjob on my head? :p

Aaand here's the full thing so far. I will be adding a flesh coloured fabric on the joints between the claw and the upper arm because my arm is visible through it and I don't like it, I'll most likely also do something similar for the neck.

So ya what you think? :D


i see you've been collecting lootcrate! fantastic work mate, absolutely brilliant! how on earth do you see out of that though?
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