Halo 4 Master Chief foam armor

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by HeroMinerR5, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. HeroMinerR5


    I am going to build this because in Arkansas it is to cold to fiberglass. So I am going to use foam. Right now I am just scale the armor piece so I can fit it correctly without piece being to big.
  2. HeroMinerR5


    This is my refence photo that I am going with. Halo 3 layout.jpg
  3. PaiganBoi


    Good luck with your build. Excited to see your progress pics.
  4. HeroMinerR5


    I know I have not post anything since october because I am waiting until I turn 16 so I can get a job to buy the product that I need
  5. 5trangerte

    5trangerte New Member

    There are other alternatives to fiberglass if you really want to use paper. (Powertex fabric hardener, hot glue method)
    Anyway, good luck with your armor!
  6. HeroMinerR5


    I use fiberglass on my first build but it on hold because it is getting to cold in my area for the fiberglass to cure correctly. So I am using foam this time
  7. Leiutenant Jaku

    Leiutenant Jaku Jr Member

    you could use rondo i'm not sure of its hardening temperature but I am guessing it is lower
  8. CommanderPalmer

    CommanderPalmer Membership Officer

    I've been using rondo (and resin) and if you have temperatures around or under 0C... so it's freezing cold winter - I advise against trying and just waiting.
    It'll take literally days for it to harden, very long time and overall it's just better to wait til it's warmer again instead of fighting with it. However, it is most certainly possible - I've hardened most of my armor during winter and such very cold temperatures. Not worth it however.

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