Halo 4 Master Chief foam build *WIP* (with templates)

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by rainbow dash, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

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    The more footage I see from the upcoming Halo 4 game, the more I become attuned to the new armor.
    I really like the tankish heavy new look, I think 343 did an awesome job on the redesign of the chief's armor. So it's time to build one for myself. :D

    First question: Are there any foam templates out there by now?

    If that's not the case, well, i guess I have to do it myself.
    I already started unfolding some files and I wanna share them with you guys.
    If anybody's going to use them, let me know what you think about it.

    Since Dropbox removed their public folders links aren't working anymore. You can find all the files here. Dropbox - Foam

    Boots: (by KingRahl)

    Download H4 Boots Foam Template

    Shin (by Rhinoc)

    Download H4 Shin Foam Template

    Thigh (by KingRahl)

    Download H4 Thigh Foam Template

    Ab Plate + Cod (by KingRahl and Rhinoc)

    Download H4 Thigh Foam Template

    Butt (by monkeyfuj)

    Download H4 Butt Foam Template

    Torso (by monkeyfuj)

    Download H4 Torso Foam Template

    Forearm (by KingRahl)

    Download H4 Forearm Foam Template

    Biceps (by L3X BLU3R1V3R)

    Download H4 Biceps Foam Template

    Shoulder (by monkeyfuj)
    For a better version have a look at EVAkura's new shoulder template

    Download H4 shoulder Foam Template


    Other links:

    Helmet Download H4 Helmet -Foam unfold
    Modeled and unfolded by KingRahl
    Foam unfold by McPrimus

    Not recommended due to inaccuracies:

    Shin (by Rhinoc)

    Download H4 Shin Foam Template


    Front Cod: (by monkeyfuj) (not recommended)

    Download H4 front cod


    Simplified Back Cod: (by yeinso) (not recommended)

    Download H4 simplified back cod

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  2. thorn696

    thorn696 Well-Known Member

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    Sweet looking foam templates.
  3. Zaos

    Zaos New Member

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    Did you end up finding the foam files?
  4. Jason 078

    Jason 078 Well-Known Member

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    Those look really good, but it is saying that they are unavailable for download. The pages won't load.
  5. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

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    Thank you very much, I really try to do my best. As this is my first work with foam I may not have enough experience to tell if I made too many (small) parts or too less. At least when it comes to cutting out the pieces I am at an advantage because I have a laser cutter at hand. ^^

    Does work quite well here for me, but I'll set up a mirror for you ;)

    Nope, you know where they are? :p Please tell me! :D
  6. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

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    First attempt of building a foam piece, i started with the boots. The front piece needs some improvement, but overall I'm satisfied with the result. :)

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  7. Zaos

    Zaos New Member

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    A little glue overflow but looks good.
  8. Annanymous

    Annanymous Well-Known Member

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    first time with foam? It looks great! I agree with Zaos that the glue overflowed a little bit but I mean, your edges are ridiculously clean!
  9. Gizmos

    Gizmos New Member

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    Im keeping an eye on this! I might even start making some of it this week ;)
  10. ajfromnj

    ajfromnj Jr Member

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    Good job so far, the glue should be easy enough to clean up. Thanks for putting up the templates too
  11. Cobbatron

    Cobbatron Well-Known Member

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    Hey man, this stuff looks freakin great!! even thinking about using your boot unfold over mine.... hrmmm...

    I do have some pointers though! this will make your foam files TOP NOTCH

    NUMBER 1- Foamers want symmetry, and the best way to do that is unfold one half of the model (now then, something like the little top thing on the boot, thats fine to be a whole piece because its in the middle) but make all the parts for the left side, we can flip it to be the right side :)

    NUMBER 2- Theres a feature not a lot of people know about, that is the "Join Adjacent Edges" feature, its under the 2D Menu. for normal pep, i use .60, for foaming i use 1.50, you'll understand what i mean when you see it.

    NUMBER 3- Make the pieces as BIG AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE

    Thats all, just some pointers because i see a LOT of potential for perfection in your unfolds

    and thanks for using my shin file! I actually released a foam ready 3d file of it, took out most of the parts an unfolder would get rid of anyway.

    NUMBER 4, THE FORGOTTEN ONE- Go settings->other settings and set the threshold between 140-155
  12. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

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    Yep, first time, I didn't remove the glue before taking the pics because I was in a hurry. The "clean" edges may come from the heat gun, heat kinda melts/seals the surface of the foam, the foam parts I didn't bend don't have those clean edges at all.

    Yep, shouldn't be much of a problem to remove the glue, I should use less in the future. No problem, feel free to use/edit them as you want. :)

    Do it! :D You might want to have a look at this and this too! ;)

    Wow, I suddenly feel honored! :D

    OMG! Thank you very much! This will make the foam pieces much more accurate and easier to build!

    ad 1) I know, I've seen other templates (Reach) that have that symmetry. I personally like it better if every part is on the sheet, even though it's more work because I have to do the "same" unfolding twice. Also when a file isn't 100% symmetrical it's hard to do. But I know about the symmetric issue.

    ad 2) WOW, thank you!! THAT'S AWESOME, I didn't know about that feature. It's more like a visual improvement, isn't it? A normal foamer would just ignore the gaps ;) As I mentioned, I have access to a laser cutter, now this saves some time, because I don't have to postprocess the files in Corel Draw (removing the gaps, addings straight lines), so this is very useful to me.

    ad 3) Got that, big pieces! But why exactly are big pieces the best option? Is it because it's a lot more work if you use many small pieces, does it effect the final appearance of the armor-piece in a bad way if you use only small parts?
    Dude, yours the only shin file for MC out there :D I had to take yours ;) But it's a really good file!
    I already saw your foam-shin file, gonna head over to your thread and write something complimentary.

    ad 4) I played around with the threshold, but I wasn't sure what value to use for good results.
  13. Gizmos

    Gizmos New Member

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    Wow thanks! wish i saw that earlier as i just made a chest from Halo3 haha
  14. Camaro91

    Camaro91 Jr Member

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    Looking good so far, I really like how they redid his armor too. Change isn't always good but with the Chief it's awesome! And yours is going to look awesome from what I can tell this very moment! Excellent job
  15. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

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    Change isn't always good, you can see that very well on the new H4 helmets, most of them just look ridiculous, ugly as hell, I never changed it in H4, because there is no better helmet than the recon. :)

    Huh? Would you have build a H4 chest then? or what difference would have made it? ^^

    First laser-cutter test. It took about 4 seconds to cut this out. :)





    Not only does it cut your foam-mats with perfectly clean and smooth edges in a short time, it's also possible to engrave anywhing you want, be it your spartan name or any really complex sign/emblem, everything is possible. Great improvement to your foam-build. ;)
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  16. AI Blue Fox

    AI Blue Fox Well-Known Member

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    WANT! what laser cutter did yo use?
  17. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

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    The model name of the laser-cutter (but I think it's listed as Laser Engraving System) is GCC Spirit GX.

    Yeah, this is really nice, i hope I can do the second boot and even more tomorrow. But I'm not ready with the scaling and measurement thing yet.
  18. GuitarMaster157

    GuitarMaster157 Member

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    Geez, that's awesome! Wish I had a laser cutter at my disposal, but a band saw works pretty well for me!

    Btw, what's goin on with that elite build of yours?
  19. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

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    I'm currently not working on my elite build, I'm concentrating on the master chief right now ;)
    Unfortunately I was a bit lazy yesterday, I didn't make it to the lab where the lasercutter is located, so the next opportunity to cut something is on Tuesday. In fact I've already prepared the elite ultra helmet, so there'll likely be an update on my elite WIP thread on tuesday. ;)
    what's going on with your elite build? you should make a WIP thread. ;)
  20. vargatom

    vargatom Member

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    Have you seen Drack's foam techniques videos?

    The idea is to get rid of the rubber covering the glue gun's nozzle, and use the metal surface to manually spread the glue over the seam. That you'll get no overflow at all when you attach the parts together. Works perfect, also helps conserving glue sticks :)

    You have to do less cutting, less gluing, you'll have less seams on the piece and the curves will be smoother (you'll have to use a heat gun when bending the foam, so that it'll keep the new shape).

    The only issue is that Pepakura Designer doesn't like large non-planar surfaces so when you unfold the object, you have to be a bit tricky with how you cut and join edges together. Pieces like helmets and shoulders that have curvature in multiple directions are the most problematic ones.
    Xrobots has a nice video on how to modify such existing pepakura templates, here:

    But your best bet would be to just check Drack's Iron Man suit thread, he has a lot of very useful links and information gathered in a nice package there :)
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  21. Sisko4

    Sisko4 Well-Known Member

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    Hey Dash, great Files!

    But can i share a very great Method with you, that makes Foam Build much easier?

    I used HotGlue for my first Foam Build to, but i was asking me, how Foam would react with Superglue and Activators.

    The Result was amazing, you can save about 70% of Time to wait till the Hotglue is cold.

    And if there any Holes, you can fill them also with thick Superglue and spray an Activator on it, it fills the Hole in an Instant and you can send the whole Build much better.

    Hotglue just bothers at Sanding, but Superglue...well...saved me very much Time and Money.
  22. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

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    Yes, I've seen drack's videos, but I didn't know the Xrobotos video. Some advises are pretty useful, some not. The "problem" is that I can't do many of the suggested things, because I don't do the cutting myself. For example the lasercutter can't do angle cuts, so I have to do the angle cuts after the parts have been cutted out. And it's a pain in the * to do an angle cut on the edge of a foam piece. :/ Also I can't do what is shown at 6:30 in the video. Closing the gaps by moving the parts together is not possible as I don't have paper templates. ;) Only thing i can do is to play around with the templates in CorelDraw, but that's even more difficult so I really don't feel like it.

    But thanks for posting these videos.

    Of course you can! :D

    I already use superglue with all my pepakura paper stuff, so I was happy that I could finally use hotglue with another project.
    It saved you time, k, that's right, but money? Superglue is much more expensive than hotglue-sticks! But I'm actually curious about how superglue works with foam. I'm gonna try it.

    So, weil du ja eh deutsch sprichst, mach ich das jetzt nicht komplizierter als es sein muss. was genau meinst du mit activator, was soll ich da nehmen, hast du einen tipp (marke)?
  23. rainbow dash

    rainbow dash Well-Known Member

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    I AM J0HN RAMBO Jr Member

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    I'm seeing more and more foam builds, I may have to give one a go. Keep it up!
  25. spartanx360

    spartanx360 Member

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    wow, can't wait for more, you are doing a great job,
    mind if i use your pdo's for my halo 4 foam suit?
    my dad bought a laser cutter too, but i have to make it work first :p

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